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About Us

Aries Security Services is based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and specialises in static security to industry, outdoor events, entertainment security, residential supervision and security equipment installation.

Over the past decade we have worked closely with companies and organisations such as ISG Jackson Ltd, Galliford Try Ltd, Kings Lynn Borough Council, Laing O'Rourke Plc, Mansell Construction Services Ltd, May Gurney Ltd, Palm Paper Ltd and National Grid Gas Plc.
Aries Security Services is committed to offering the highest standards of Security Services currently available in the United Kingdom.

Aries Security Services approaches all aspects of it's business with a simple understanding... we provide security in all areas and at various levels within the industry.
Our people are trained to respond to any emergency in a professional and effective manner and to assist others. We have carefully considered the implications of what we do and how we do it, and understand the importance of the role that we must fulfil in delivering security

The last decade has seen security incorporated into everyones agenda at every level. Safety and preservation are relevant to all of us. Whether you are concerned about national or international affairs or more localised security involving the welfare of your loved ones and our community, security issues are high on the agenda.

Modern technology has dramatically increased our ability to gain information and deploy ever increasingly sophisticated technologies. Yet investment in human resources is still the most potent defence. Well trained, observant, skilled professionals are the key to enhancing our security. Our investment in quality services and training is in fact, an investment in all our futures.

With the ever increasing threats associated with modern day living, the ability to hinder, diffuse and prevent a threat, at whatever level, is a primary responsibility of our company as well as the people we provide services to and train.

Our team is dedicated to the task of providing the highest degree of security provision available... we have the ability to make a difference where it counts.

We believe in personal ability and confidence, and these are qualities we develop in the people we train. Ability breeds confidence... we pride ourselves in the competence of our employees and get satisfaction knowing that all our staff are highly skilled, dependable people.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your security requirements call us in complete confidence on 01553 840842 or email:


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